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Jakko was established in Aktobe, the city of Kazakhstan, became active in the sale of plastic pipes and fittings. It had a wide marketing network in a short time by its quality products and service. Jakko continues to operate as one of the leading companies with own stores, in which a wide range product offered for sale, in different cities of Kazakhstan.


It strengthened its success in marketing by production and has taken step to industrial sector in Tukey under its own brand in 2006.


In the beginning, the main field of the company was the production of ppr plastic pipes and fittings. In a short time, started to produce PP Waste Water Pipe and fittings , increased product variety and innovation in the sector.


Jakko follows the developments in the industry closely and everyday makes attempts for the implementation of the new technological systems and quality elements and in addition the development of existing systems.


With a laboratory , equipped with necessary test equipment, the control of the incoming raw material and output product is provided and the compliance of  product with TSI standards is verified.Jakko products, manufactured with latest technology as a result of the importance , given to R&D studies , are being exported Asian, African and European countries and CIS states, in particular and the export of the country is increasing day by day.


Jakko has aimed to be a brand, preferred both by customers and providers and has adopted the principles of mutual trust and integrity in its commercial relationships with unconditional customer satisfaction and strict quality criteria.


Jakko, for which the employees constitute an integral factor, marches towards its goal by constantly improving its efficiency and performance with its zeal to transfer successful operations to the future.


Jakko , which  started to production in Kazakhstan as of 2009 , is growing day by day and expanding product distribution network.


Corporate Products Production Quality Marketing R&D Human Resources Contact
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